The second article of the project was published in the regional press
On April 26, the second article about the services of a welfare consultant was published in the newspaper “Telšių žinios”.
In the article, read about the importance of raising self-esteem and learn about another story of successful consultations.
The importance of inter-institutional cooperation for the success of the project
During the project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in the municipality of Telšiai district”, inter-institutional cooperation is encouraged, the participation of institutions in expanding the services of welfare consultants in the region, as well as facilitating the involvement of recipients of welfare consultants’ services in the activities carried out by institutions.
The project executor, the Telšiai District Municipality Administration, has concluded inter-institutional cooperation agreements with the following organizations: Malta Order Support Service – Maltese, Telšiai Sports and Recreation Center, Telšiai Karolina Praniauskaitė Public Library, Telšiai Arts Incubator, Telšiai Culture Center, Telšiai District Municipal Public Health Office.
Representatives of these institutions were invited to listen to Psychological case study seminars, during which they were introduced to the working principles of the model, and were taught to recognize situations and problems that can be solved by welfare consultants.
According to the common agreement, representatives of the cooperating institutions, if they see a person facing mild signs of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression or psychological adaptation problems, encourage them to contact a welfare consultant, while the welfare consultant, if she sees the need to encourage the applicant’s activeness, directs the recipient of services to cooperating, employment promoting organizations.
Collaborating institutions also contribute to the dissemination of information about the project by distributing welfare consultant newspapers and displaying posters in their premises.
High self-esteem - why is it important?

A person with high self-esteem is self-confident, able to overcome failures, stress, anxiety, and is not afraid to achieve a goal. As self-esteem decreases, self-depreciation occurs, a person is afraid to try something new, gets disappointed with himself at the slightest failure, and his emotional well-being worsens. Sometimes it seems that everything we do is not successful – but maybe the reason for this is our own thinking errors?

Assess your self-esteem with this test.
The table contains statements about your attitude towards yourself.
Choose whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the statement.
Interpretation of results:
Calculate the amount of points obtained (by adding up the numbers in the table for the selected answers).
The higher the amount, the higher your self-confidence and your self-esteem. And vice versa,
the lower the score, the worse you rate yourself.
A score below 15 indicates low self-esteem (self-confidence).
Scores of 15-25 indicate average self-esteem (self-confidence).
26-30 points indicate strongly expressed self-confidence

If you feel that you lack self-confidence and are determined to change, we invite you to visit a well-being consultant and learn how to work with your thoughts and emotions.

Publicizing the services of a welfare consultant

On March 9, the Welfare consultant met with the teacher of the Telšiai “Džiugo” high school and the organizer of the Food bank in Telšiai, and presented the Welfare consultant service.
It is very important that people who are surrounded by many people in their daily activities find out about this service and can see for whom well-being consultations would be useful. A sincere recommendation heard from an indifferent acquaintance undoubtedly has a stronger effect than an advertisement seen on a poster in the city.

We invite you to tell your friends and colleagues about the services of the Welfare Consultant. Let’s not forget that often a person who needs help hides behind a smile.

We invite you to register
We are happy with the slightly growing interest in the services of a Wellbeing Consultant, but we want to encourage, take that first step towards your stronger emotional health all doubters.
According to welfare consultant Jurgita Juškienė, there have not been any cases among the applicants who should have been referred to the hands of higher-level specialists, and in most cases, only 2-3 consultations are enough for the applicant to deal with his emotions and help him find ways to successfully solve the problems that have arisen. However, there was also a case where a client visiting higher-level specialists additionally registered for consultations with a well-being consultant for even more effective work with his emotional health.
We would like to encourage you to register through the special registration form on the page – by selecting the “Registration” section in the top menu.
Burnout is emotional, mental and physical exhaustion
Burnout is emotional, mental and physical exhaustion specifically related to work.
Signs of burnout: loss of motivation and interest in what one is doing, suffering from constant fatigue, internal conflicts, thoughts that this job is not for me, feelings of self-disappointment arise, it becomes difficult to communicate in the working environment, conflicts with colleagues or clients become more frequent, and one is easily offended.
Why does “burnout” happen?
There are three main scenarios why this could happen.
The first one is when you simply overwork, trying to achieve the set goals, so you work more and more intensively, pushing yourself, often overtime, until the result reaches the limit of exhaustion.
The second case is when work is monotonous and unmotivating, boredom is felt and there is no opportunity for personal development and career advancement..
The third case – when faced with constant stress, lack of motivation from managers, support of colleagues, and all efforts remain unnoticed and unappreciated.
How to recover from burnout?
First of all, in order to manage stress, you need to take care of your physical health, slow down – enough sleep, sports, healthy diet, and if possible, spend more time in the fresh air.
Learn to appreciate your achievements and not to be disappointed by failures, but to accept them as important experiences.
Think about why the burnout happened and look for solutions accordingly. Discuss your goals and expectations with your manager, or even change jobs if the problem is, for example, lack of personal development in your current job.
Consulting success story
Cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the scientifically proven fact that a person’s well-being is determined by his thinking, i. e. how we feel depends not on what happens to us, but on how we perceive it. Thus, the main goal of CBT is not to solve the problems of the person applying, but to help them react, accept and find solutions to the situations that have arisen.
The following case, which was shared by Jurgita Juškienė, Telšiai District Welfare Consultant, perfectly illustrates the working principle of cognitive behavioral therapy, which welfare consultants use during their consultations:
“I received a request for help, maybe I could help here and now, because the woman feels extremely anxious and cannot calm down. Of course, there was a reason for anxiety, but he did not find a solution on his own without help at that time, and it caused great discomfort and stress. The woman felt powerless at the time, afraid that she might even lose her job because of her fear and her inability to find a solution at that time. After applying the CBT method and using certain techniques during the consultation, the desired result was achieved, the client calmed down, realized that her automatic thoughts and “thinking errors” caused all this anxiety. Together with the client, we found a solution that helped calm her down. Sometimes it happens that a small problem from the country is magnified to a catastrophe, anxious thoughts take over.”
If you feel lost, lack motivation, don’t know what to do, can’t deal with your emotions, register for a consultation.
Seminars for the inclusion of the project applicant, partners and employees of cooperating institutions in the model are being conducted
The cycle of seminars involving the project applicant, partners and employees of collaborating institutions in the model is already half way through.
For the smooth functioning of the model, the employees of the partners and collaborating institutions must be properly introduced to the principles of the model’s operation, and be able to recognize situations and problems that can be solved by welfare consultants. Employees participating in the seminars are trained in different techniques, how to work with people, how to motivate them to use the services provided by welfare consultants, and will also be able to provide them with the necessary information about the functioning of the model and additional opportunities. This is especially important in order to attract people from different backgrounds and to identify emerging problems as early as possible.
Wishing you inner peace in the new year
Everyone is probably familiar with the rush, rush, and stress brought by the pre-holiday period. We are in a hurry to finish the work we started, to prepare for the holidays Our thoughts revolve around our loved ones and we often forget ourselves. And finally, the peace between the holidays comes – it’s time to slow down, take care of yourself, think about the past year, make plans for the coming one. Maybe it’s time to include your emotional well-being in your New Year’s plans? To devote more time to yourself, your hobbies, recreation, sports, which are important not only for physical but also emotional health, to find the strength in yourself to start talking about your problems and feelings.
If you need help, register with a welfare consultant.
A welfare consultant will help you learn how to respond, accept and find solutions to situations.
The installation of the office of the welfare consultant has been completed
The place of provision of the welfare consultant service is a separate office of the welfare consultant, which is finally equipped – repairs have been made, furniture and computer equipment have been purchased.
English We draw your attention to the fact that after creating a cozy and pleasant environment, the number of clients who want to use the Welfare Consultant service has increased. The services of a welfare consultant are willingly used not only by residents of the city of Telšiai, but also in remote rural areas.
On November 3, the second publicizing event of the project took place
On November 3, the residents of Telšiai district were invited to the second publicizing event of the project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in Telšiai district municipality”, which took place at the Žemaitija business center in Telšiai.
Welfare consultant Jurgita Juškienė presented her services as a welfare consultant to the audience.
He told about the benefits of consultations, who is the target group of the project, how consultations are conducted and how to register for consultations.
The moderator of the event gave lectures on Positive Socialization, and talked about ways to help yourself – which is the main task of cognitive and behavioral therapy, which the Wellbeing Consultants use in their consultations. The participants learned how to manage stress and develop their emotional balance, relax and correctly accept and respond to problems by changing their thinking and reactions to them.
At the end of the event, practical tasks were performed and gifts were handed out.
The event received positive feedback, the participants took away a lot of new knowledge and positive emotions from the event.
Produced and printed the Welfare Consultant newspaper
n order to create a systematized handout of services provided by Welfare Consultants, a Welfare Consultant Newspaper was created and printed. The printed form of the newspaper will be distributed through various institutions, organizations and communities in the district.
We invite you to read the newspaper in online form HERE (in Lithuanian language) or download the newspaper in PDF format by clicking on the link there.
Happy reading 😊
The story of the good practice of the Welfare Consultant was published in the regional press
On October 28, the newspaper “Telšių žinios” published an article about the services provided by welfare consultants. Readers will learn who a Welfare Consultant is, how consultations are conducted, who is invited to apply to a Welfare Consultant. A specific case of successful consultations is also presented.
If you haven’t had time to buy the newspaper, we invite you to read the article in Lithuanian language HERE
Welfare consultant Jurgita Juškienė told how the consultations take place
Want to sign up with a wellbeing consultant but don’t dare?
Welfare consultant Jurgita Juškienė told how the consultations take place:
Research-based cognitive and behavioral therapy methodologies are used during consultations.
First of all, the first meeting is organized, during which the client’s condition, service need and suitability are assessed with the help of special scales.
Then a service provision plan is drawn up.
During consultations, certain techniques are applied to clients, which help them to understand what caused the difficulties and to solve them.
The benefits brought by the consultations and the state of emotional health of the applicant are reflected in the visual scales that are given to fill in during the consultations.
* If the client’s condition does not meet the competences of the Wellness Consultant, the client is recommended to contact other institutions that will ensure the client’s needs.
A video clip of public opinion formation was created
The public opinion formation video clip “Signs that you need help” of the project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in the Telšiai district municipality” was created. The video clip presents signs that allow you to recognize states that signal a deterioration of your psychological state or simply allow you to identify that you can feel better.
Repair and installation of the welfare consultant's office.

The repair and installation of the office of the future welfare consultant is nearing completion.

In order for the premises to be suitable for the provision of such services, simple repair work was carried out, and currently the office is equipped with computer and organizational equipment, household appliances, furniture and tools that improve the quality of the welfare consultant’s work.

We invite you to register for consultations with a well-being consultant. Consultations are currently still provided remotely, but very soon we will invite you to visit the newly installed office at Džiugo g. 6, Telšiai.

Completed welfare consultants training.

Jurgita Juškienė, welfare consultant of Telšiai district, has already completed 6 months duration of training at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and is already starting to provide consultations. Residents of the municipality of Telšiai district (over 18 years of age) who have mild symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and psychological adaptation problems are invited to register for the first consultation. Research-based cognitive and behavioral therapy methodologies are used during consultations.

The services provided by the Wellness Consultant are completely free of charge.

The project is implemented with the funds of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area.

Made and displayed educational posters for the welfare consultant.

3 educational welfare consultant posters of different designs, adapted for different age groups, created for the project have already been displayed on the bulletin boards of various institutions in the Telšiai district. The posters present the idea of ​​welfare consultants and provide contacts.

The focus of the posters became the slogan #Don’t be silent-talk. With this slogan, simply, understandably and clearly, residents of the Telšiai district who experience mild stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and
signs of psychological adaptation problems
are invited to seek help with your problems from a well-being consultant. This allows it to be understood that the person applying will be understood,
he will be listened to, he will receive advice, he will be given help.

On March 17, the first publicity event for welfare consultants took place in the Telšiai County Business Incubator.

Residents of the Telšiai district were invited to the 1st publicity event, giving priority to those who feel mild symptoms of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression or psychological adaptation problems, and those who believe that there are persons in their environment who experience the aforementioned disorders. During the event, the project, its goal and expected results were presented, and the services of welfare consultants were presented. Future welfare consultant Jurgita Juškienė was also invited to present herself at the event.

The welfare consultant spoke in more detail about the methods planned to be used during the consultations and invited everyone who encountered difficulties to register for a consultation. During the event, messages were read about good emotional well-being and positive thinking. The participants of the event took part in the discussion and performed practical tasks. During the break, the participants of the event were invited to enjoy coffee, tea and sweets, and the event was crowned by a quiz, after which all participants were awarded with the attribute of forming the opinion of a well-being consultant.

The attributes of opinion formation were produced.

In order to encourage the residents themselves to advertise the service of a welfare consultant, an opinion-forming tool was produced
(cloth bags, t-shirts, jackets, jumpers) with the slogan #Don’t be silent-talk promoting the services and benefits of a well-being consultant. Residents will use the distributed opinion-building tools in their daily lives to form a positive background for the services of welfare consultants and act as ambassadors for welfare consultants.

The attributes will be distributed during the publicity event.

A good emotional well-being is a condition for the happiness and well-being of an individual and society. Stress rates are particularly high in Lithuania – every second worker in our country suffers from stress at work. Stress in the work environment can cause difficult emotional experiences, damage mental and physical health. There is a lack of strengthening of mental health and emotional literacy among young people as well – today 58 percent. children and young people experience bullying and initiate it themselves. Wellness projects and programs for the retirement age group are mostly aimed at improving physical health. However, the mental health of the elderly requires the same attention as physical health.
The project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in the municipality of Telšiai district” is dedicated to the reduction and prevention of health inequalities in the municipality of Telšiai district. The project provides measures to improve the availability and quality of community mental health services.
One of the necessary conditions for the Lithuanian economy to become advanced, sustainable, inclusive and economic growth to be promoted is good mental health of the population. The implementation of the project will significantly contribute to the achievement of one of the national health protection strategic goals – taking care of the preservation and improvement of public health.
The project is implemented with the funds of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area