About project

The project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in the municipality of Telšiai district” is dedicated to the reduction and prevention of health inequalities in the municipality of Telšiai district. The project provides measures to improve the availability and quality of community mental health services.
One of the necessary conditions for the Lithuanian economy to become advanced, sustainable, inclusive and economic growth to be promoted is good mental health of the population. The implementation of the project will significantly contribute to the achievement of one of the national health protection strategic goals – taking care of the preservation and improvement of public health. The project
unequivocally corresponds to the mission of the 2021-2023 strategic activity plan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania – a long and fulfilling life of a healthy person.
The project contributes to good governance by:
1. The project will be implemented by combining the human resources, good experience, abilities, competence of three public institutions (the applicant and two partners), and will also be expanded
cooperation network after the inclusion of seven institutions in the project, whose activities are focused on promoting the employment of the population. A multifaceted network will be created, creating long-term
2. An existing need is met. There is a noticeable deterioration in public mental health indicators, the need for specialist help and medical treatment is more frequent, and there are
also visible gaps in the formation of public opinion related to mental health.
3. An actual problem is solved. The project will contribute to the improvement of public mental health, public education will be carried out.
4. The principles of supremacy of law, abilities and competence will be followed. During the implementation of the project, all legal acts governing the administration and
implementation of the project will be observed. An administration company with skills and experience in implementing international projects will be used to administer the project.
5. In order to ensure transparency, goods, services or works purchased for the purposes of the project will be purchased through public procurement procedures.
The implemented project will contribute to the implementation of the following Program monitoring indicators:
The number of persons who received services – 600 persons.

The project is implemented under the program “Health” with the funds of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.